viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

Writing project.

My life
My name is Mar and I was born in Ibiza on March 12, 1988. I am the youngest one of four brothers and sisters and all of them were very glad about my arrival, especially my brother Luis because I became his playmate.
When I was 4 years old I began school in San Carlos and I made many new friends.
My childhood was quiet until a friend and I played a trick on some cars that were on the street. That action cost us dearly, it was uor fault that we hadn't thought about the consequences before doing. Moreover, it was a scandal in the village because I was the altar girl.
Luckily the years passed and one day I realized they had already forgotten everything.
My adolescence in Santa Eularia was fearly quiet, I was a girl who got very good marks and things were prety good for me.
I had always thought I was a girl who had passed unnoticed, but over the years many people told me that I had been quiet popular in high school, although it wasn't a thing I was looking for.
Nowadays, I am a happy person I'm studying for a profession that I love.
I'm finishing my studies and I hope that next year at this time I will have finished them.
I am optimistic and I see my future pretty good. If all goes well I hope next year I will find a job.
One day, I met a boy and for almost two years we have been going out together. Now I'm living with him in Es Canar in a flat that belongs to his parents.
I'm happy because the life is very good with him and I'm sure that everything will go well for us.
I had always wanted to do somethingabout the English language but I coudn't and I still want to do it in the future.

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